Executive President

Sinna Mani (Retired)



Executive President 

Namrata Dhingra 








Purpose of BOPIO


It exists to serve all the communities of sub-continental origin. We are a non-party
Political organization and very secular in the best sense of the word. This is abundantly
clear to anyone who reads our constitution or whom are familiar with our past activities.
We will defend any section of the British Community which is under attack. My
invitations are going to people who matter in the struggle for human rights and people
who have worked in the past with us. For those who are interested multi-faith activities
there is other foray.
This is not an organization to celebrate multi faith celebrations.
The AGENDA for the BOPIO meeting on 23/11/2010 followed by another meeting Held in the House of Lords on December,  19, 2011.

1) General discussion on the needs of south Asian origin peoples in the United Kingdom
a) The growth of Islam phobia
b) The fear induced debate about the size of the Asian and African population in UK
and its consequences for visitors from the subcontinent, including restrictions on the
movement of spouses
c) Future activates including monitoring anti –racist activates and liaison with the home
office and to take it at parliamentary level and resolve such issues from time to time.
d) Maintaining parliamentary contacts. cultural activates
e) Bopio will be the “property of the entire conference “ to consider news
systematically and with solidarity.
f) To involve the British community to integrate whose welfare we are concerned with
in the UK and to involve them in festivities and events to form an integral part of
g) Plan a huge conference in 2011 with its members corporate members “London Elite”
and also provincial people whose cases have been solved
h) To have meetings in the PARLIMENTARY ESTATE and meetings with involvement
MPs Lords baronesses councilors due to constraints of time
i) To focus on third generation in UKto take the torch of Bopio forward. 



The commitee was disolved.


However, the principles, aims and objectives were left intact.





A new BOPIO chapter : Please open link.      FUTURE OF BOPIO