The Aims of BOPIO


BOPIO is an independent, self-financing, non-sectarian body open to membership from all people of Indian sub-continental descent who are now British citizens. It recognizes that the key issues facing our community today are not so much to do with immigration, but far more to do with the community’s achievement and well-being in 21st century Britain.


BOPIO’s aims are:


1. To act as an umbrella organization in promoting the educational, moral, cultural, economic and political interests of all peoples of Indian sub-continental origin (‘our community’ in the broadest sense).


2. To promote and publicize the achievements of people of Indian sub-continental origin in all spheres of life and work, from scientific achievements to the many contributions in the artistic, professional, and business worlds etc., etc.

3. To emphasis, in particular, the achievement of youth.


4. To initiate and encourage activities relating to the concerns of our community in those parliamentary constituencies where large numbers of Indian-origin people live thus helping to increase their political leverage.


5. To support, encourage, promote, and, where possible, initiate surveys and research into issues that affect the well-being, needs and interest of our community. Such work might range over issues such as investigating the place of Asian history and culture within the national curriculum in schools to examining police attitudes to racist attacks on housing estates and in inner cities.


6. To encourage more members of our community to become involved in public life by becoming Members of Parliament and local councillors or joining the boards/trustees of schools governing bodies and charitable trusts etc., etc.


7. To lobby on current issues of policy and policy-making that affect our community (positively or negatively), to submit evidence to bodies such as industrial tribunals and commissions, and to arrange for experts to present evidence to relevant forums. In so doing BOPIO recognizes that changes in policy can usually only be achieved by moving early at the policy-making stage



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