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To reserve 33.33% (one-third) of posts for
women in BOPIO’s Executive Committee. Agreed by Executive Council on May 10, 2013


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 JULY 2023 


"Unlock the Secrets of BOPIO Meeting"

The BOPIO Meeting has been the source of a lot of discussion lately. This meeting is an important one, as it is the platform where we discuss the present political situation of UK politics and how minorities can contribute to the 2024 General Elections. The discussion of the meeting is even more crucial due to the greater inequality, hardship, fear, social division, and political distraction from social policy that we currently face. Therefore, the goals set at this meeting are even more urgent, harder to achieve and the stakes are higher. WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND THE SCENES? Teamwork: At the BOPIO Meeting, our team of experienced professionals work together to formulate strategies and plans that can help us realize our goals. We draw upon our collective knowledge and skills, debating the topics at hand in order to come to the best possible solutions. Engagement: We also look to engage with external stakeholders, such as other charities, local authorities, and businesses, to ensure that our plans are feasible and beneficial to the wider community. We look to leverage the expertise of our partners to help us put our plans into action. Strategy: Once the plans have been developed, we then focus our attention on creating a strategy for implementation. This involves developing a framework of activities that can help us realize our goals. We also look to build upon existing systems and processes in order to ensure that our plans are successful. Evaluation: Finally, we look to evaluate how successful our plans have been. This involves assessing our progress against our goals and making adjustments where necessary. We also look to feedback from our stakeholders and partners in order to gain a better understanding of our plans and their effectiveness. The extraordinary loyalty, commitment, and generosity of our supporters have meant that we’ve emerged fighting-fit from the pandemic. We have learned much along the way about our strengths and weaknesses as a team, as an organization, and as a player in partnerships both nationally and locally. You are invited to attend the next BOPIO MEETING taking place next week, RSVP urgent call. In order to put this plan into action, we need a disciplined focus on what matters most. That requires us to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves about when we are true to our values and the priorities we have set and when we are not. We must listen to and trust each other in the way we have been learning to do on our journey towards active anti-racism, becoming a charity that puts equity and inclusion at the centre of all our activities. We must never forget that the climate emergency threatens to undo all we achieve in the struggle for social justice unless we hold it constantly in mind. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and hope that you gain a better understanding of the work that goes into creating a successful plan for the future. Stay tuned for more exciting content!


Election of an executive committee for 2023-2024 and a steering group (six
members) for 2023-2024. Date to be announced. 

REF;-AGENDA 23/11/2023
1) COMMUNICATIONS VIA PHONE EMAIL list of members existing and target new members.
3) select a NEW  committee "AGM" AND ORGANISE a Conference
4) BOPIO will be the " property of the entire conference " to consider news systematically and with solidarity
5) to involve the British Community to integrate whose welfare we are concerned with is the UK . and to involve them in festivities and EVENTS  to form an INTEGRAL part of society.
6) Monitoring incidents task of BOPIO is to take it up to the Parliamentary level and resolve such issues from time to time.
7) To re-design the website and bring it updated and in addition to general communication new members can join and pay via the website the annual fee of £30 which will allow them the protection of the BOPIO within its frameworks.
8) PLAN A HUGE CONFERENCE in 2011 with its member corporate members " LONDON ELITE" and also provincial people whose cases have been solved.
9) To have meetings in the PARLIAMENTARY ESTATE and meetings with the involvement of MPs and Lords and Baronesses Councillors due to constraints of time.
10) To focus on the third generation in the UK to take the torch of BOPIO FORWARD.