Voluntary contributions 




BOPIO's future projects,  will be  those that are not addressed by the public sector and they  could be anywhere where there is demand. As and when the projects become available they will be announced on the website. Hence the involment for Local, National and Branch organisations  will depend upon the projects. I am now using the triple bottom line approach format so the oranisation is on a transitional phase from the old mebership schemes.  Asthis new approach may allow the British  Organisation People Of Indian Sub-Continetal Origin  greater flexibilty to maneoveur.  The mixed revenue streams that include charitable contributions and public sector subsidies as  certain projects will require specialist organisations which are dedicated to responding to special needs of our projects and the organisations that generate revenues from trading and fundraising activities. The BOPIO concept is a complex structure which can absorb the transition. 








Category of BOPIO Membership


Individual£30 Webcam chats
Joint (couples only)£60 Webcam chats
Life Members£1500 
National Organisations£200 (under the previous scheme Allows for maximum of 5 voting rights. This is no longer the case)
Branch Organisations£60 (Allows for maximum of 2 voting rights. This is no longer the case)














BOPIO Bank Details:


Sort Code: 40-09-07

Account Number: 81371177


Webcam members can join straightaway however other organisations and stakeholders will be called on an inviation basis. 


Please pay  membership fee into above BOPIO bank account and send your contact details to BOPIO containing the following:-






Post Code

Contact Person


Telephone No.


If your membership is refused for any reason then your subscription will be refunded in full.


Please click here to view BOPIO Constitution.