COVID-19 highlighted inequalities in healthcare.


We, at BOPIO, understand the impact the digital telehealth services are having on marginalized, BAME Migrant, and Refugee communities. 


BOPIO at the forefront of research and academic contributions for the Indian Diaspora in the UK./media/other/18195/20210323Signedresponse.pdf


1.  The Queen Mary University of London


2. All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration


3. Impact on BAME communities


4. Health Inequalities


5. Recently I wrote to TAY Medical Hospital about Vaccine delivery in Scotland. Here is the response from NHS Scotland.


6. Aerosol Spray, I wrote to KingsCross Hospital NHS Scotland about the lack of information and documentation procedures for certain conditions.  The procedures are unclear and failure of political accountability across the UK.


If you are affected please contact your organization representatives in the UK. Alternatively, send us an email.


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