BOPIO at the forefront of research and academic contributions of the Indian Diaspora in the UK.


 The Queen Mary University of London has contacted us.


If you are willing to share your experience you can use the Contact Us page to get-in-touch.


We will be reaching out to people of Indian birth or heritage 
Aged 18 or over, and been living in the UK since the start of 2019, at least..


This will be a bilateral policy research paper for UK and India.


All organizations affiliated with BOPIO through past work will be contacted automatically in the UK.


I encourage women to come forward from all backgrounds of ethnic minority communities in the UK.


I hope that the individual organizations Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Tamil, Kerala, Gujrathy organizations continue to support and work under the BOPIO umbrella In the UK

The homogenous nature of BOPIO has allowed the service of the community for the last sixty years without caste and class barriers. We continue to thank the community for their support of the UK Indians Diaspora. in particular for their joint efforts


By Order of the President


Namrata Dhingra