Managing New Projects for Organisations and NGO's Developing the project structure , understanding the financial structures, staffing, projects and partnerships. 


  1. £300  per person 

Planning and Managing Public Relation Campaigns for organisations, charities,trusts, businesses, corporates and NGO's. Years of hard work can be wiped out when campaigns go wrong. In a global digital economy this can have a detrimental impact. The gist of the course outline will include :  Media analysis, levels of evaluation tools, long term plan, critical path analysis and what tactics can be employed?  You will not be dissapointed!

£400 per person. Group size 10

 Please send the organisation details beforehand to verify whether the objectives meet the criteria for this workshop. 



The Programme

One three-hour workshop per week
Workshops take place on Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm

There are limited places available and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so we advise you to apply at the earliest opportunity. We aim to select a diverse group of motivated participants

We’re delighted to host 4 exceptional workshops to take you through the hottest topic this year: The Future of Work.

You will get a oppotunity to look at our future world,  the impact of tech and how to make sure you’re thriving throughout your career in this changing environment.


We’ll cover:


  • -The context of 'The Future of Work' and the key messages that are being delivered
  • -An insight into what the future looks like for start-ups, NGO's, organisations as well as the corporate world
  • -How tech is changing the workplace and its impact - a world with automation
  • -Advice and discussion: future-proofing yourself



Higher Education : Postgraduate or Phd studies in the UK. What does BREXIT mean and how it will impact education.

One hour one-to-one session 

One student, topic or idea is discussed. Please be specific and succinct.


 Free 15 minutes talk time 


Today, we launch a new project with a mission to have a transformative impact on over 100 million people around the world by the year 2020. 

Payment plans are available on request to allow you to pay in installments
25%, 50%, 75% & 100% scholarships are also available on a case by case basis

Socail Enterprise Workshop : £300 per person 

Three hour workshop in Chennai Guindy. 

Social Enterprise or SEL can be viewed as a new form of business organisation. They are a hybrid combination of for profit and non profit small businesses.However, social enterprises have a dual objective to make a profit and to contribute to the social good. Given the limitations of access to support and funding a social enterprise will combine the need to be a successful business with social aim. In this module a three hour training is offered face-to-face with two hours of presentation and half a hour seminar followed by thirty minute online support by email. This module is mostly for local and community based organisations, but the guidelines are for cooperatives and non government organisations. The idea is based on innovation, sustainability, integration with main stream and for profit businesses and public agencies. The viability of the social enterprise will depend upon a business model. The entrepreneur identifies an opportunity, the seed cone funding can come directly from the entrepreneur and the income comes from the product or service. Nevertheless, this basic model has to be altered so that the social entrepreneur can postulate that social firm to the beneficial of the community or disadvantaged group within it. Building the organisation and creating a right environment and responding to change by being innovative in the way that it manages its activities. Innovation strategy should be set out in the vision statement together with a set of objectives that seek to implement this new approach. Before starting this module one of the key issues is to be clear when developing an action centered approach of the vision as it cannot be prescribed. If you already are a social entrepreneur and you adopt a learning organisation concept to meet the global demands of changes in customer expectations, different competitive landscapes and maintaining a competitive edge during periods of upheaval. Sustaining and reshaping and adopting new techniques to face competition.
The module costs £300 for a three hour online session. You will be taught face-to-face and supplied reading and course materials.
If you are disabled then please send information.
You require a laptop, an internet connection and a plan or a blog with your idea and vision on wordpress or freeola before you start the course.
A phone call or a webcam session may be booked if required. For other queries you can email.

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