Women's Conference  2013 

Room hosted by MP Preti Patel 

(A word of caution) JULY 8, 2017


BOPIO does not support any Women Empowerment groups or business network  organisations in London where there is exchange of money. Our work is evidenced based for policy, practise and research purposes.  

 It's awful news for Gender Parity. Women - who have no knowledge, skills or Interlect are taking on leadership roles. They are giving different names to their group identity. 
"Women Empowerment" groups are becoming a farce in London, because there are just too many . For the ladies Please take care while choosing ur associations as alot of them are gossip networks and the leaders are promoting their personal self interest. Sadly family support is dwindling and weak women often become victims by other women. If u are interested to associate with NGO's where there are men and women is perhaps a better option in some cases. 
My direct message for the women organisation empowerment group Leaders who sometimes, lack skills to run the cause and do a massive diservise by disempowering women instead.