14th July 2011


Indian Muslim Federation (UK) strongly condemns the deplorable terrorist attack on Mumbai yesterday.


President Shamsuddin Agha said that “Our hearts go out to the victims of the blast and their families. We urge the brave people of India particularly in Maharashtra state to remain calm and vigilant.”


Indian Muslim Federation (UK) members urged the Indian Government Police and other agencies should not rush in blaming organisations or groups with out any proof and avoid witch hunt from the past experience.


Mr Agha also urged that the Indian government should leave no efforts to bring the perpetrators of this cowardly attack to catch them and bring them to justice. The families who have suffered because of this attack should be compensated.


Reply from Mr Sinna Mani, BOPIO President


Bopio President who is in India at the moment strongly supports your statement and looks forward to working with you on this and other related issues.