Future of Palestine
On Wednesday, 6 July 2011, Sinna Mani, President of the British Organisation of People of Indian
Origin (BOPIO), delivered a speech to an audience in the House of Lords, Westminster.
The audience included members of the Upper Chamber, a junior minister, as well as other interested parties.
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July 9, 2017, London, Westminster : Queen Elizabeth 11 Centre. 
The biggest Palestine Event in Europe was held in London.A big movement outside Palestine is shaping discourse.  I have not mentioned the names of the  Sponsors and supporters in the video. Some of them were, City University Palestine Society, SOAS Palestine society, UCLU Friends of Palestine, Brunel University Friends of Palestine, Queen Mary University Friends of Palestine society, Palestine Forum in Britian, ICAHD UK The Isreali Committee Against House Demolitions and the British Organisation of People of Indian Sub- Continental Origin (BOPIO), Institute of Middle East Understanding , FOA Friends OF Al-Aqsa   Peace in Palestine. In this video what you see  is a dramatic storytelling brief  of a prophet of Palestine. Palestine refugees who came to UK  and  how literary festivals, creativity and technology relocate the global value chains to a  Western Country. Here knowledge and Literature is exchanged through an amalgamation of UK universities and how the Palestinan movement is proactive and benefiting as a result of this transfusion.    The movement of human capital  and Palestine's social capital in UK further   demonstrates how an adaptive   development   state  is no longer relying on the market but technology and how the refugees have moved from a lower economy to industrialised higher economy nations. The Palestinian people  and such discussions where    groups are benefiting  from industrialised countries is marginalised from development study discussions. As countries are changing and structural changes are taking place, it is important to undeerstand  the inputs coming from other countries to Britian. Despite BREXIT such changes  are an example of horizontal scale movements where goods from low wage economies end up in developed West. Investments into such activities and events  suggest that knowledge, creativity and innovation are changing the horizontal structures of development and how technology of Western Countries is beneficial other things being equal not just to manufacturing sector but across genres. Possible examples of Global Production Networks are not generic  the possible impacts of the influx of Palestine people  is job creation and technology in the UK. In a nut shell  Chinese companies create jobs in their own country by subcontracting to Vietnam on an economic model, but the diversity model increases efficiency  and social capital. This is an advanced model of automatic upgrading for countries that are struggling to upgrade in the Global economy.