24TH JUNE: Sinna Mani was invited by the organisers of the 7th Transatlantic Dialogue on Strategic Management of Public Organisations held at Reuters School Public Affairs and Administration 23 rd to 25th June.


Mr Mani' s experiences on Lewisham Council were recorded. Prof.Joyce from LSE was also in attendance and ably supported his contribution resulting in many invitations for him to speak on public accountability. He intends to take up a few of these including one from University of Rome and another from Australia provided the fee hotel and travel arrangements are satisfactory.


In America itself he is overwhelmed by invitations to speak on the subject of the future of Palestine and Public accountability. His contribution to Al Jazeera opinion page was well received. He suspects President Obama may have also seen it. He intends to send a fuller version of his report to the President direct. Tomorrow he is again in attendance at the above conference.


On Sunday he is scheduled to attend a prayer of meeting of a church in New York where he is to be blessed and he in turn will ask church elders to bless Obama's campaign for a second term.