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A discussion on policy and pledges. How the diaspora community is affected ? Tory party's social policy has caused a stir in the diaspora community.
This video is about the Policy and Pledges. How the diaspora communities will be affected in West London.
Mr Mani's interview on the policy and pledges.
IMF , Lord Adam Patel, Dr Shamsuddin Agha and Irfan Mustafa gave a very warm welcome to Mr Sinna Mani and Namrata Dhingra. We always exchange messages on Ramadan, Idd & Diwali
Dr Laxmipathy's hospitality was boundless and one of the greatest philanthrophists I met. . Mr Sinna Mani and Namrata Dhingra are thankful for the visit to Dinamalar Press factory, Nautical college for engineering and a visit to the Menakshi mission temple in Madurai.
Political Secretary for BOPIO Namrata Dhingra argued that political representation of women is crucial for their empowerment in NGOs and the population at large. Both NGOs and state political institutions need to renegotiate spaces for formal and informal networks. Political participation for women should not be limited to exercising the right to vote, but also power sharing and co-decision making at all levels of governance. Ms Dhingra view is: “political participation is a process that actuall
This conference was held in the U.K. Parliament. To promote Women Empowement and men participation.
BOPIO Women's Conference 2016, held at UK Parliament. Room sponsored by Virender Sharma MP Southall & Ealing.
' Hands off Syria' protest campaign outside Downing Street No 10 .
BOPIO President's interview on unending violence and terrorism