Digital Tech Partnership for 13-18 year olds

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This venture is a social enterprise start up plan for youngsters . In this pilot scheme which is taking place in South India in January 2018  is to empower young people in technology. BOPIO  is offering an exciting opportunity for four children from disadvantage backgrounds, to take part in computer programming and new technologies, within  a silicone valley environment and deliver cutting-edge insights,   The idea of investing in humans to create a  diverse cultural mindset and attitudes which will use local knowledge and utilize local resources.  


The aim is to mentor and educate youngsters to gain entreprenual skills and knowledge in Hackathon and bootcamps. The students will work in groups. The first task is to identify a problem in their community which can then be solved by using technology. They then come up with ideas to develop a web solution designing or an App. After that they devise a business plan and pitch. 


The editor of The Digital News is involved in this project and the goal is to aspire youngsters in technology. You can read tech articles on Twitter




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