Webcam Topics For Discussions, 2017 -2018.

Please use the contact form to get in touch  for the dates and times .

There is one topic's disussion every month.


Reserchers, Organisations and NGO's who have an interest in UK Political affairs and International Development can participate.  


Reserchers can submit their paper's four weeks in advance to allow for  preprations  for discussions and feedback from the audience taking part.   This is not a Peer rievew, but a good starting point for critical analysis on the topic.  



The topic's are : 

Policing verses Counter Terrorism  

Race related issues


Gender pay gaps


Reconstruction in Post Conflict  Regions (Peace Keeping) 


Remittance verses Foreign Aid  


Population and Climate Change  


Article 50, Leaving the European Union


Globalization, Geopolitics and Geoeconomics  


Education and Unemployment


Domestic Violence and Mental Problems




Contract Culture 4 Voluntary Agencies 









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