Welcome to my shop page. There are a number of services offerd and different packages. Here you can find a selection of the services we offer. We can arrange meetings at our offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai but there is waiting time of six months. A consultation fee is payable in advance.


1. Universities taking foreign students ahead of British.


To discuss and protect the Indian students our consultncy process will give an insight to the family or student about the expectations. In addition we can follow many languages and thus simplfing and debunking the myth of western education.

Please open the links : Universities take foreign students ahead of the British. Globalization theories and a privitization approach to western education can be an expensive process. A discussion on how the apprehention of underdevloped countries developed is controversial , but the process of legitimising Western Countries on the education agenda requires an approach of how representation of cultures withing the UK context. On the one hand we have BREXIT and on the other a nauced approach in the field of education. A one hour consulation costs £300. Please book an line and a Skye chat or a webcam session can be arranged. Also some information can be provided throgh a power point presentation. The Studen Union is a paper organisation with no powers. Therefore this type of advocacy will debunk the myth of practise knowledge and understanding from a British perspective.


2. Social Enterprise Academy

3. Business inovative solutions in Britian

4. Press Agent in UK to deal with stakeholders and public


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