BOPIO Conference on Solidarity and Social Cohesion 


Ian Gulland Theatre, Whitehead Building,

 Goldsmiths,  University of London

New Cross, London, SE14 6NW

on Saturday, 3rd November 2012

from 10:00am - 4.30pm


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... click here to view Speakers BiodataThe conference will be attended by leaders and representatives of community voluntary, equality and human rights organisations, faith groups, trades union, small and medium sized businesses, victims of xenophobia, members of chambers of commerce etc. However, this is an inclusive conference and is therefore open to anyone who is interested to attend.


A full list of organisations attending and supporting the conference will appear on the BOPIO website in due course.


As a result of consultation with and representation from BOPIO members and the wider community, we have identified a number of topics of concern. These are:

  1. Xenophobia, including Islamophobia, which blames the many for the actions of the few. In the case of Islam, the perversion of a great religion by a few fanatics has been used as the basis for an attack on the whole religion. People from other minority religious groups have also been affected by this hysteria, for instance, Sikhs have been mistaken for Muslims on account of their beards.
  2. Growth of extreme rightwing organisations, like the English Defence League,and their intimidating tactics. It is in the nature of fascism that once such organisations are established and allowed to intimidate one group in society they soon move on to do the same to others. Even trades union leaders have been subject to abuse and threats.
  3. Unemployment, particularly among young people, is causing grave concern.
  4. Educational opportunities are being denied to poorer sections of society, due to tuition fees etc., and this is piling up problems for the future.
  5. Problems faced by small and medium size businesses in the current economic environment.
  6. Discriminatory legislation is affecting visible minorities in order to appease racists. For instance, language qualification for spouses coming from non-EU countries, arbitrary targets for migrants, attempts to impose salary limits on those who have settled here in good faith expecting permanent settlement.
  7. Panic measures by the government have led to arbitrary arrests, detentions, and ‘stop and search’.
  8. These issues will be discussed at this conference. As well as several keynote speakers, there will also be workshops covering the main themes. Those interested in presenting papers for publication are requested to get in touch with the organisers.  

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