The percieved race differences for hiring the lower caste in the UK remains a contentious debate.  Recent cases on caste have sparked protests from the Hindu community. However,  In the UK private households are still exempt from the Relation Amendment Act. The whole issue of Race, Nationality and Religon in the Indian context  is about rethinking as  polices in  Britian may have an impact on Indian diaspora culture. This then poses the question whether Britian's immigration policies at Westminster will become a battle ground for class struggle and conflict for the Indian Diaspora. 

The consultation was launched on  28 March, 2017 on what should have been the implementation of the law to outlaw Caste-based discrimination in the U.K. Given Parliament’s expressed direction to legislate, the consultation should have been about how best to bring the legislation into force - not about whether to legislate.  The consultation invites people to choose between a preferred primary option of developing Case Law and the second best option of agreeing with Parliament’s direction to legislate. Caste discrimination is like other forms of discrimination in the UK already dealt with in the Equality law. 


British Organisation Of People of Indian Sub Continental Origin (BOPIO) has always supported the outlawing of Caste discrimination in the UK. Now I am requesting BOPIO member organisations to take the opportunity to add your voices and members in support of the law formally to Government. It’s vital that you do so no later than 18 September 2017.



The Government consultation is available on the Government's Equalities Office (GEO) website. The Government seeks feedback by 18 September 2017 government/consultations/ caste-in-great-britain-and- equality-law-a-public- consulation 



Santosh Dass has been working with other NGOs and academics on guidance to support people understand the relevance of each question in the consultation document.  The Guidelines to Consultation and Caste Law in Britain - Frequently Asked Questions are now available on the jointly sponsored website  and also attached below is a word version of the survey recently supplied by Government. OPEN LINK at the bottom of the page to view the attachments mentioned and for more informaton.  



Please ignore the 18 July deadline on the guidance attached. This was produced before the Government extended the consulation. The date has been updated on  

You can send your feedback to the consultation electronically via office/caste-in-great-britain- and-equality-law-1/ consultation/intro/  or by email com by attaching your response in the word document attached below or by post to:

Caste consultation responses

Government Equalities Office

Department for Education

Sanctuary Buildings

Great Smith Street



Please keep your answer to each question no longer than 100 words.



The migration of Labour generally speaking, but noticebly in the UK is increasingly perceived by employers demands. However, migration policies keep changing according to the demands of national labour markets. Any future discussions on migration of women workers will have to stay outside  European Union debates in the Brexit enviorment. For example in UK alone, 'cash payments for domestic help' is fostering development in the informal sector in which migrants particularly undocumented migrants are regarded as desirable workers, The racialised nature of demand for domestic workers and particularly gender and migration statuses is under scrutiny. " Caste Discrimnation" is protected under the Equality Act 2010. 

Case study : OPEN LINK





Frequently Asked Questions .