Thousands of   protesters joined  in an anti racism  march. Race issues, sorrunding xenophobia, islamaphobia are rising in the WEST. This march    In London Whitehall, was  aimed at protesting against far-right groups in the UK and across Europe.

20,000 protesters took part in the rally on 17th March 2018.


A woman holds a placard 'One Race - Human' as she listens to the speeches at the rally after the march through London against Racism on UN Anti Racism Day. The march hosted by Stand Up to Racism began with speeches outside the BBC on Portland Place and ended with a rally in Whitehall, where angry Kurds protested calling for the government to take action against Turkey to stop its invasion of Afrin. Thousands marched despite apocalyptic weather forecasts and an amber weather warning, a temperature around zero with the occasional snowflake and a chilling east wind.


West London Revolutionary Communist Group : Comrades on the London Stand up to Racism march with a strong message that Zionism is racism, and that the Zionist organisation COFIS should not be made welcome on the Glasgow SUTR march today!!✊️
Fight Racism!
Fight Imperialism!


Picture courtesy credit :  Peter Marshall and Jess Hurd



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